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lesco viper help!

i just bought a lesco viper and the motor runs solid the deck runs and operates but the machine doesn't move period. im stuck on what it could be I figured if the hydros were bad they wouldn't both be out at the same time which makes me think its something else. one of the gearboxes inside the tires is leaking pretty bad and the fluid is about 4 inches from the top of the tank (don't know the exact fill level it has to be).also the electrical wiring is pretty butchered one of the hand bars safety levers is zip tied on permanently. basically im lost it doesn't move at all levers have pressure hydro fans spin I just cant get the machine to move ANY HELP IS GREATLEY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if what you want to say is easier to explain on the phone give me a call 815-861-2789 please don't call after 10 central time.
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