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Hey folks, all this advice has been keeping me busy the last couple days...Been doing some cold calling and door knocking and what not.

I spoke too soon about my eddm campaign...I called USPS today and they said the only got 1/7 of my 5000 cards out today and my phone was ringing quite a bit from them today..And that was just the batch that was delivered...Thanks for keeping me calm and patient guys..

Lmfao, OMFG that herler guy is awesome.. though i didnt read his whole post i knew what the rest was going to say and the best part is that he is saying that in a Welcome thread ! Bahahaha .. Thats great...

@ Roger,yes i agree..Not the best industry to get into..Unfortuntaly i have the type of personality where i have to at least attempt to not fail,so i'm in this for a haul..

Quick question,there is one person in particular i want to PM that responded to me on this...

Do you guys have like a rep point system for most helpful people and also can anyone be PM'd???
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