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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
@ ETPRO There's a lot of good prices to be found at New Summerfield. For us the drive isn't worth it for the prices we pay. Not to mention having to keep everything weeded and watered before we plant it.
Only annuals perennials and some hanging baskets come from New Summerfield. We get a truck every Tuesday during color changes. I might add that those prices I shared were delivered prices with a minimum order. We only order what we can install in a week. With the maintenance routes we have we had no problem filling 4 orders. Last order was two weeks ago and we still have a few stragglers left at the shop but they will be gone in the next 2 weeks.

I griped about the price, but I can say the quality was spot on. Except I passed on the pentas.

We purchase our perennials and shrubs for our install jobs at House in Tyler. They will deliver for a fee. Not a bad deal if you are getting an order of over $800-1000. Their prices are 30-50% lower than what you just listed. Trees we are getting straight for the grower. I can't find decent sized trees anywhere local or at any nursery. (And I am talking at least 30 gal and up.)

But there is a lot to be said for not having to drive anyway or worry about what you might get sent on a delivery.
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