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Dchall - yes, the licensing requirements are for the protection of the environment and the people who rely on it. From my understanding (and i could be wrong), most of the pesticide requirements for applicators were implemented after the PBB/PCB problems in Michigan in the 70's. Apparently, someone mistakenly added a fire ******ant chemical (which contained PBB/PCB. These chemicals contained dioxin) to cattle feed, thinking that they were adding a feeding supplement. Well, that feed was shipped all over Mich. and the cattle had to be destroyed by the thousands. This apparently had been going on for some time and folks actually comsumed tainted beef and dairy products. As time went on, the gov't added additional regulations as they deemed necessary. This is where we are at today with the licensing requirements to apply pesticides. Will organic products need EPA certification to be used commercially in the future? I would bet they would. And I would also bet you'll be seeing this happen fairly soon as more studies are done on organics, albiet at a slower pace compared to chemicals. For now, we'll have to wait and see, or become proactive to hasten the process for organic certification.

Now to help answer another of your questions, not all products with the organic label are safe. I remember when you could use nicotine as an insecticide, but not any more. Also, pyrethrum based insectides were derived from ground up chrysanthemum plants. Now, if you are using cornmeal as a fungicide, could there be detrimental side effects? I, for one, would doubt it, but I'd be much more comfortable applying it if it had a thorough study done to find out. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of using organic products. I just don't want to lose my Pesticide Liscense by using them until the EPA registers them. HTH.
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