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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Those rims look dope!!!!! Seriously though, I love it! I'll have to have my enclosed and dump trailer (once I buy them) rims powder coated black.

What did the dump trailer run you if you don't mind me asking? Finance or pay all at once? This year it's been nonstop landscape projects for us and I'm at the point where I could almost justify the purchase, especially with adding a leaf loader and using it for clean ups (if I'm able to purchase a 2nd truck which may be a stretch this year). With the time & expense of renting is adding up and quickly! My only issue currently is I have nowhere to put anything as I'm still at home with my parents and I'm thinking my next purchase will be an enclosed trailer to keep all my mowers, sprayers, blowers, trimmers, etc. secure and most important, dry!
the dump trailer was 9500 out the door. i put 500 down and financed 9000, its like 189 but i should have this and my other trailer which is 0% until september payed off before september. the landscape trailer which i wanna sell next year, now because i have the dump trailer, so i don't need an open trailer to load brush and other stuff on. I'm thinking about a 20' inclosed for next year all black, get those wheels powdercoated and have that lettered like the dump trailer but letters that are close to 1ft tall. for RSK Property Maintenance, so then i can fit all my stuff inside the trailer, and get rid of my shop which is 450 a month, but then i rent a bay to a kid in high school for 125 or maybe even go with a 22' enclosed trailer either way i want one with a 10,000lb gvw, from what i've seen they are about the same cost as my landscape trailer which really pisses me off....but im not buying the enclosed trailer if i even do until i have a newer truck, like something 5-7 years old max.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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