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Thanks for the great answer to my question. I found it interesting to compare. I have to agree filling the water can be the slow part and I almost always fill on site with a garden hose (after the first load) so that can be slow. I am using a 300 gallon jet machine. My spray time is about 15-20 minutes, fill time here is about 20- min and there can be anything from 45 minutes to well over an hour. Mixing time is 30 seconds or less. You are going heavier on the mulch but are in a warmer place so that is good. I use three bales and cover 3500-4000 sq. ft. using 30-35 pounds of seed, Pam tack and starter fertilizer. From the info you did provide I can guess pretty close as to your cost per ft and I can understand why you don't want to share that. Thanks again. I enjoyed the post.
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