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Ok, so I cleaned the carb with carb cleaner and compressed air. I tried to start it up and gas cam out of the exhaust. I figured it was flooded and got into the block somehow. I took it to a dealer to get a diagnostic on it for $35. He tells me the carb is stuck open and the diaphragm was stuck open so gas was getting in the engine and flooding it. He told me I would need a new carburetor ($290) and an hour and a half fo labor at $70/hr. I soon picked it up and found a new carburetor online. It was $100 from greenthumb. I overnighted it being that I have lost a weeks worth of work already and got a few gaskets. The total repair was $157.31 and 45min or less worth of work. She is up and running again!!!!!!

Problem=Bad carburetor. Anyone know someone that rebuilds them or it sounds like it's easy to do to be honest I just am not sure of the units or how they go bad. The dealer said they usually can go to 2000hrs. What is the proper care for these things so that they last?
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