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Originally Posted by captken View Post
Sorry, been busy working and repairing other equipment that I know more about than the pole saw. Have looked at the pdf Breezemister so graciously provided , reading Slapper's and ricky86's remarks and think that maybe a part is missing.
Conflict with one of the rivets and bearing sliding down the tube is not letting the saw head retract all the way. [I think] am sure to find out whats going on when I get into it.

Having issues with a Lazer, a Hustler z and a Hustler walkbehind which leaves me running 1 Lazer and working late trying to get caught up....between the rain storms and trying to get my mowers running, just hasn't been enough time.

I had to stop at my dealers and get on their MediaCat account to get a breakdown of the tube assembly. I got a hardcopy of it that I may be able to scan and create a .pdf file for you. There are 2 revisions of the telescopic pole but I have both since I didn't know which one I had. Not to bad once you see a diagram of it. Mine is missing a couple parts also but managed to get the drive shaft to stay in place with a part I made at work. It's a shame most mfg's websites have at least have parts list but Stihl is very tight lipped with any "on-line help" what so ever. Dealer network or not...we sometimes can't wait a week or more for a dealer to fix a piece of equipment in the middle of the season when a $.50 part takes it out of commission
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