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DCHall - I have talked with people from the Structural Pest Control Board as well as the Dept of Ag and they have told me personally over and over that the rules are as follows (for us Texans).

Without a license you can apply Fertilizers and organic "bug killers" as long as they are not listed as a pesticide. As they both explained to me, I cannot spray RoundUp without a license, but I can spray my vinegar/salt solution. I may not spread Weed-n-Feed, but I can spread corn meal or straight fertilizer.

I don't know anything about pesticides and I am not licensed, nor am I seeking a license at this time. I believe that I may be able to operate successfully without ever getting one. This may change one day...

Don't misunderstnd me, I am interested in educating myself in this area.

Neither do I trust anything I hear from a State employee, unless I hear it from a number of sources. If you know differently, please let me know. Thanks.
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