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Just wanted to update everybody that so far this machine has been through hell and is holding up beyond expectations! So far in the 3 months of ownership and working this beast everyday the only issue I have had was the gas cap, which was taken care by the manufacturer. The left wheel was squealing a little yesterday, upon further inspection there is a tension spring on the pulley, the spring sits on a bolt, I moved the spring in further on the bolt and no more squealing.

I am going to switch to G5 blades and raise the deck up, right now I am at 2.5" going to put the G5's on and move the deck to cut at 3" will post pictures. So far this mower stripes better than any mower I have ever owned. Nothing but compliments from the quality of cut, many customers say it makes their lawn look like a golf course. Will continue to post good and bad as the year progresses.... so far it's been only good!
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