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i run them on my 36 inch toro. i put the gator on the bottom, cause i have 4 sets of gators, one set of high lifts. the cut is great. it seems like the higher the grass, the better the striping. I cut 8-12 inch grass yesterday, and i didn't have to double cut. there were clippings visible, but no clumps. There is much less gunk collected under the deck with the double blades. i wanna try 2 gators, 2 high lifts, maybe 3 blades, but that would put the cut pretty low. The last guy mentioned profit margin and extra money spent on sharpening, blades, and maybe gas. If your running your business right, with high quality customers who pay well, and want good work from you, your profit margin should be comfortable-great. And I really don't think that the marginal expense of blades and sharpening is gonna affect your profits, they shouldn't be that thin. I think the double blades will enable me to get the good customers i want
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