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Originally Posted by nashlawn01 View Post
Little bastids. I had 2 br600 bp blowers lifted at McDonald's. sent a guy there to pick up drinks for everyone since it was closer than a store and hotter than heck that day. He pulled in was the only person inside. So he wasn't there 5 minutes got back to car dealership we were ready to blow off lot and realize blowers were gone. So had to run and buy 2 so we could clean up lot. Went to McDonald's and a camera was pointing right where he parked but they wouldn't show me the film without police. Gave up figured I'd cut my losses and by the time I met deductibles wouldn't get much back and figured insurance rate would go up. I would like to catch em with their hands in my truck
You should of called the police. Calling the police does not mean you have to notify your insurance company.
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