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Lawn Care Business for Sale

I am a rising college senior and will be out of the lawn care industry come this August so all is for sale. I have a 2012 Exmark 60" Lazer E series mower, a 7' x 12' landscaping trailer with gate, and 14 clients for sale. 13 of the 14 clients are within 10 miles of one another with 5 being in one neighborhood, 4 in another, and the remaining 5 along the routes. 12 clients are weekly, with the other 2 being about every 10 days. Many of these clients I have had for years since I first started and are loyal to me and whoever I recommend them to when I am no longer to service their lawns. Please pm me or reply for any additional info. on the mower, trailer, or clients. Thanks!
My Stuff:
2004 F150 Lariat
60" Exmark Lazer E-Series
48" Exmark Metro WB
Stihl Blower
Stihl Straight Shaft Trimmer
Toro 21" Push Mower
10 ft. Landscaping Trailer
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