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Wow, Ok.... Run, don't walk away from this customer.... And let me just clarify something as well... I phrased my statement "some folks on this forum would go so far as to say Free Sample." I have the utmost respect for toasted and agree with most of what he says but the "free sample" worked wonders for me when I started. I literally did it for 3 different customers one time and it honestly helped make my company what it is today... I didn't just pick 3 random people, I did mucho research and a lot of thinking and planning went into it... I was in a position where I could do it and even though I own everything, I still lost money on those original 3 of course. And that is what Toasted is talking about... Just pulling your mower off the trailer costs a certain percent. My gamble paid off however and I still consider it a good move to this day, even though "free sample" is pretty much considered taboo in the industry... And I do know why...... And I do agree..... But what can I say? It worked for me... HaHaHa.. Kind of an oxymoron in a way....
This lady totally knows that the job you do will knock her socks off! She knows that the only way someone will offer a free cut is if they are 100% sure that they can do it better than the current guy.. And that is why she won't let you do it but is staying at 20.00... So she can play Mickey The Dunce.... Forget her... Work super hard on getting another house in that hood and then get ready for the satisfaction of her calling you and agreeing to your price!
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