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Ill try and get some pictures posted soon, but the lawn is coming along. Ive been using my Honda HRC to keep it mowed low and often. Good news too...ive been watching craigslist this month, and tonight I picked up a reel mower.

Its not top of the line by any means, but I think I did ok. Its a Mclane reel mower 25" in ok condition. Needs some work but runs, and I got it for 180 bucks. For those who are curious, I did some research on them today. The one I went and picked up was listed as a commercial grade (and its all red). I called Mclane before buying the mower, and they said the red ones aren't any different then the red and yellow. There are no commercial grade parts that are different from their other ones. In fact, they even made some for John deere at one point, and they are Green and Yellow with the John Deere name on them. And there is another version that is all black.

Anyways, it doesn't have the catch bag, and its missing the side chain cover. For 180 bucks, I don't think I did too bad for the 25 inch model. Ill try it out tomorrow and see how well the initial cut is. Im guessing it will need to be back lapped as well.

OH..and now for a question; Ive been reading about yall leveling the yard with river sand and then allowing the grass to grow thru it. My question is this: is that the same as Concrete sand? I called a local sand supplier, and they said the concrete sand is a coarse sand. IS river sand the same thing? They said it would be about 15 bucks of concrete sand for 1/4 yard of sand. I have a half ton truck, so that's about all I want to put in there (figure its about 700 pounds on a guess). I may try adding another run of Sahara over it if I can get the sand and level the yard. I don't expect my yard to look as good as some of the lawns ive seen on here, but while we have cooperating temps, and a bit of rainfall, Id like to improve the quality of my lawn as much as possible. Once we get into July, and 100 plus temps with the dry heat, Ill have to raise the height again a bit, and go back to that, but for now, I want to take advantage of the aggressive spreading habits of the Bermuda while we are in the peak of growing season.
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