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So is my story way different then I took Turf-grass back in the day, almost 30 years ago, worked on several different golf courses, made it to Super on a small course, then realized that I might be able to make a better living owing boom trucks. Quit the industry, bought a boom truck, built it up to half dozen trucks, then sold it due to health reasons. (took my money and bought a small commercial rental building)

My budgeting classes, accounting, sure were useful during that time. After sitting around for 18 or so months I figured I needed to get back to work, What else...............landscaping. Built it up to 150 residentials along the way, with about 2000 sprays, no construction that's to hard on the back. One day I figured I didn't like resi's or spraying any more so sold them to 2 different people and got into commercial and now just do commercial work with about 70 properties.

All that to say, education is always useful. The classes outside of the turf/design/irrigation, etc etc are always good. I love to sit for hours and crunch numbers from classes taken years ago, applies to anything I do, and helps in what ever I put my hand to.

So you see I traveled a different road, but today I'm happy to say I'm sure glad I took Turf grass, it gave me a great start. That basis has helped me build several business. So just do what you love.
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