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A couple of you mentioned spindle wear because of the double blades. I have used double blades like I said before, for around 12 years now and I have never replaced a spindle bearing. The DC I run has 2,704 hours on it and every hour it's been run, it's had double blades on it. The main thing is keep them sharp and balanced and the spindles greased and you shouldn't have spindle bearing problems.<p>Jason: No I'm not a God, but I do like to try to make the job easier by trying different things. <p>Paddy: You mention trying double Gators, I've done that too, works nice on chopping leaves, but you don't get enough lift with them for cutting grass. They might work OK on your machine though. I have even used double Highlifts. You can throw clippings for many feet with them, but it will pull the heck out of an engine.<p>Charles: The 23 Kohler should have plenty of power for double blades. I run them on a 20HP and a 22HP Kohler and 60&quot; decks. One reason you seem to be cutting lower is, the bottom blade will cut 1/4 inch lower, plus you have a lot more lift too, to pull the grass up to get cut off. Raise the deck up a bit.<p>If I missed anyones question, sorry, I'll try later. Happy Mowing

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