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I like the warmth and feel of 2700K. I think it provides more ambiance and feels more "homey." Especially for outdoor entertaining areas. The benefit of 3000K is it appears to be brighter since its whiter (if that's what your looking for).

IMO manu's pushed 3000K because there used to be limitations to 2700K chips. There were lower lumen outputs at 2700K, and at the early stages of LED achieving enough lumens (while keeping heat down) was a challenge. Also there were far fewer 2700K chips to choose from after the binning process (which made 2700K more expensive). All factors from a manufacturer stand point made pushing 3000K the way to go (less expensive, more lumens, bigger chip selection). Now that those factors are no longer the case, I believe you will see a slight resurgence in 2700K.

Note: lumens and heat are not near the issue they used to be-- it's quite easy to get high lumen outputs. Also heat is not the same issue it used to be, chips can also tolerate much high heat now.

Lastly it is always a subjective preference and there are slight geographic preferences.
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