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Originally Posted by C & T Landscaping View Post
So I got a call from my uncle about these three older honda mowers he is getting rid of, and asked if I wanted them. So I picked them up and got to work on the best looking one. My brother and I got it to run and cut...but at idle, the motor surges (see video) Once you engage the blades the surge stops and it runs fine, you disengage the blades, its back to the surge.

What we've done:

Removed, cleaned and reset the gap distance on the ignition coil. (Wasn't getting spark, now it is)
Removed and checked the safety switch (works)
Removed and cleaned the carb. Soaked in Mineral spirits, then soaked in Gum Out.
Changed the oil twice. (It was black, Not sure he ever changed it...)

I'm thinking that its the carb still, after numerous soaks and blowing out with air. When I took it apart the first time, it was gummed up with a reddish hard material, not rust though. I have no idea how long it has sit in his garage, but like I said, I think its something in the jets still gummed up. Was just wondering what you guys think. Thanks in advance.

(Btw, the mower is very dirty and greasy...once I get it running good she'll get a good bath)
I am so pissed I bought this specific mower. I swear my thumb hurts for two days every week after I mow the yard. I absolutely HATE with a passion the way the self propel works on this mower. Worst design ever!!!!!
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