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I just bought a gravely and will continue to buy gravely. The dealer is right up the road, they have great service (for me atleast). Both exmark dealers around me were either horrible, didn't have parts, or are too far away to get to in a pinch. The next thing when comparing mowers, the electric start was about 500 more over the pull. start. My gravely had electric start and a bigger motor than the better tt 48. Park a TT and a ProWalk next to each other and see which one is built better. The gravely is built like a tank, some parts are probably overbuilt. Both my exmark and this mower clump when the conditions aren't ideal. The cut isn't that far off in my opinion. I had high lifts on my exmark, i'm putting high lifts on my gravely. In my opinion you put and high lifts on anything it will cut good.
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