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I think we all know getting into this business there is the chance at some point we will encounter dog poop on a customers lawn at some point, either because they have dog, or an inconsiderate neighbor or dog walker didn't pick up after their dog. reasonable people pick up after their animals, meaning toys, poop, whatever. customers that refuse to do this are NOT worth having. end of story. all my resi contracts/agreements clearly state that we are not responsible for pickup of lawn other than NORMAL DEBRIS. we don't pick up toys, lawn furniture, hoses, dog poop, or anything else. not saying myself or one of my guys wont get off the mower to pick up one stray toy or whatever, but excessive anything is not fair to us and it cuts down on our productivity and profit. if the homeowner does not abide by this we do not mow that lawn at all or that part of it and they are still billed for that weeks mow. when the customer knows this ahead of time, and signs the agreement the problem is avoided 99 percent of the time.
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