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Needing & New to Accounting/Business Software...

Hi, I'm sixteen years old & been in the business for a couple years now. In years past I have had no problem using Excel, Word, etc. to manage the cash flow in my business. However, this year now that I am sixteen and driving myself my company greatly expanded and using Excel is posing as a very difficult, timely, and confusing task. I'm having a hard time figuring my profits, organizing my expenses & income, and preparing and keeping track of bills & who has payed & who hasn't.

I see and hear all the time about all different software such as Quickbooks, LawnPro, Groundskeeper, etc. This year I am greatly considering purchasing and implementing a software of this type into my business.

I was wondering what type of software I should use? I run Macs & not PCs. I have heard that Quickbooks is a great piece of software to use for the accounting side of things which is really all I need. Later I could implement another lawn care software for scheduling and such. I know there are online based, and downloadable software types, which is better & what do you guys recommend?

I would greatly appreciate some advice as time is running out as we get more and more into the mowing season.
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