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Originally Posted by PaperCutter View Post
I live in a rural area. We're approx 1 hr from Charlottesville, 1.2-1.5 hrs from "northern VA" and 1.5-2 hrs from DC. I've honestly found vendors NOT in my podunk town to be a better value (ie, $260 to letter my work car just outside DC vs. $600 here).

I think that with a website, <$500 - good luck with what you get.

$500-1000 - if you find a sharp rookie building a portfolio, you could get lucky. Maybe.

$1000-2000 - I think this is what is reasonable entry point to expect to pay for a decently made site. Accept it.

$2k+ - It's my opinion that at this point you should be getting something pretty awesome, whether it's a graphic design rockstar giving you a jaw-droppingly visual site, or deeper functionality, or something.

Quality costs. It's what we sell our customers every day, I don't know why anyone would think a $50 logo and a $100 website are remotely reasonable to expect.
Are the Waltons still over there? I do my own site. cost me $10 per month. Theses days it's so easy to do yourself and have a nice site too for cheap. Unless you just don't want or have the time to do yourself then you will end up paying up to $1000 for a lawn website. I wouldn't pay more than that for a lawn service website unless your a really high end business model like design build etc.. .
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