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Originally Posted by wildstarblazer View Post
I do my own site. cost me $10 per month. Theses days it's so easy to do yourself and have a nice site too for cheap. Unless you just don't want or have the time to do yourself then you will end up paying up to $1000 for a lawn website. I wouldn't pay more than that for a lawn service website unless your a really high end business model like design build etc.. .
Here's the thing..."building" a site is a breeze. That's not in question. Building a site that's successful and ranks well, is the rub.

It's like the absurd comment that was deleted from this thread. Yes, anyone can create a logo. Opening up Microsoft Word, typing your business name, and adding a clip art green swoosh over "Landscape" is, in some circles, a logo. It is not a logo that will be usable for any application, but it is a logo. Using the same logic, GoDaddy gives you the tools to build a site for $3.99/month and will gladly sell you their premium SEO PowerRankPumper service, or whatever they call it, and yes, you do end up having a site. It stops there. Getting it ranked, having it perform beyond brochure'ware, and actually driving leads is the hard part. If your site is performing well, and ranks in the top 5, your time and money invested getting it there is probably worth a bit more than $10/month if you were to actually figure out the costs.
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