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Originally Posted by GrassGuerilla View Post
Got the call today. They want me back. I'm glad to get the call back, but I want the March April May cuts, not just June July August.

Haven't seen how screwed up it is yet. Each time somebody cuts corners somewhere leaving me playing catch up, usually in the heat.
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You happy now LOL
Like my school job I lost due to a way low bidder I replace the work load but now I have it back on top my work load + added another big job that nobody wanted. I bid it high, Thinking if I get it I'll be making a bundle well found out I was only one turned a bid on it. Now running 2 crews again Till hay season then will be back to 1 crew

On the school first time back a lot trees never got trimmed and some lawn areas hadn't been mowed for 2 weeks it was fun on day one
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