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At an absolute bottom 1.5 times the mowing rate for me. 3x the mowing rate is nice but tough to do here.

I'm trying to get away from the price shopper bean counter mode of the client asking how much...? Type of machine matters. Most clients are not sharp enough to comprehend this properly. I have been extremely frustrated with it over the years frankly.

Currently in production nothing beats of exceeds the plug count of the Plugr® 800 series or the Ryan 28 WB reciprocating aerators. Still people don't want to pay more for those. Happens all the time....I will aerate a lawn with just a single pass meanwhile the lawn next to it was aerated with a standard rolling time unit and the difference is night and day.....

Vastly too many variables. I now include aeration as a no extra charge bundled add on with season long fertilization accounts.

My programs are results driven. I will drop applications account who refuse to abide by proper cultural maintenance practices.

My attitude why do I want to bother with scalp fest homeowners who over water, wrong time of day, have fungal issues and always think.they need power.raking.
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