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Originally Posted by StretchTTU View Post
Some of the gearbox-only prices are the same, but a few are $10-20 cheaper. The dealer just wanted to sell you what he had on the shelf instead of ordering what you wanted.
Not according to the rep, and I know this dealer pretty well. He doesn't "try" to sell me anything I don't want or need. He sells them the way they get them from the regional distributor now. Like I said, even the rep said that that's the way they are sending them out to the regional distributor. You no doubt have a different regional dsitributor down where you are, and they may be ordering both types. It is possible I could order one to come directly from Stihl, but in that case I'd be waiting on a special order, and the few bucks I might save by not getting the kombi shaft is not worth the delay for me. Besides, I have about every one of them now anyway.
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