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I am sure I'm not the first to say it, but say it I will, anyway.

I know about being stubborn and having that desire to do something just because I think I can...

I know about this morning I went to try and mount a car tire (four of them, to be exact).
Yes, I have tire mounting tools, not the nice fancy pneumatic ones, but the manual kind...
Still it wasn't my first.
And things weren't going so well, minutes before I ruined a tire I went up the road to ask how much...
Get a load of this, $60 all four tires mounted and balanced.

The guy got the one tire I thought might be ruined (and he too wasn't so sure) mounted and holding air.
That saved me a headache and about $80, the rest were still new so no problem.
Not an hour and $60 later, I was back on the road.

You have to know, some days, whether the sweat and effort is truly worth the money saved.
As things stand it would have been hours before I had them tires mounted, and it wouldn't be the first time I've ruined a tire's inner bead out of sheer force of will trying to get it on the rim, you really have to know sometimes...
When to call, when to raise, and when to fold.

I could have seen using that charred frame, cleaning it up and re-coating it, then using it to make some type of a gasoline-powered offroad vehicle...
Just for the fun of it.

As for the mower, I am pretty sure it would have been cheaper to just buy a new one.

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