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Originally Posted by pjm123a View Post
OK, here is where I am. The mower is basically all together including the deck. It is fully functional and cuts grass!!! See last pic. Yes dboyd, I am a happy camper. My wife wanted to take some pictures of me sitting on it but I am now quite there yet. In my original post (12/2/2012) I said: "I want my scag back as close as possible to the way it was before". Before I consider myself done, I have to fix 2 known issues and then do some more testing. Issue 1 is that it creeps in neutral. I know about the adjustment rods but I could not get them to turn. I have had to completely diss-assemble them from the pumps. The ends are seized preventing the rod from turning so it is not possible to adjust them. I have broken the ends loose on one of them and an putting anti-seize compound on them before putting them back. I attribute this to a problem that existing in the donor mower. Issue 2 is that the engine is really hard to start when warm. It starts immediately when cold. Even if it has run for just a minute and you shut it off it is hard to restart. It just cranks and cranks and cranks and eventually fires. The carb and choke and all linkages seem to be OK. Some research that I've done says this condition might mean the valves need adjustment. Since I don't have any history on the donor engine, I don't really know. I think this bears further checking however. I originally had a third issue as well. The engine would throttle up OK and run at full power until you actually started to cut grass. When it was loaded it would not rev up as you might expect. I thought this would end up being a problem with the governor. However, I noticed that when I blipped the throttle the plastic hose connecting the airbox/air filter assembly to the carb would collapse. I took the air filter elements (dual elements) out and re-fit everything (I think the inner element may have come loose). Now it seems to run normally under load. I will do some more testing to ensure that it is really fixed.

So, that is where I am for now. I am not quite done yet, but I'm sure in the end game!! Thanks for all the advise, encouragement, and even the reality checks along the way.
I noticed one thing missing from the picture,,,,

Nice JOB congradulations.
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