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OK I'm stupid..blade removal??

I'm embarrassed to ask such newbie question, but why in the world is it so tough for me to remove blades from my 72" SuperZ? It is an '07 if that matters..

I have gotten it accomplished two months ago (after I figured out that the center blade rotates counterclockwise, haha) but now that I managed to bend my left blade, I got a new set..only to find both my center and left IMPOSSIBLE to remove. I didn't torque them too tight, I thought.

I've managed to break one 1/2" breaker bar. And I'm constantly fearing "rounding" the bolt heads now too.

Any tips? 3/4" breaker bar? A heavier impact gun? Heat?


(and sorry for assuredly a repeat question, I can't seem to find this topic via the search function for Hustlers specifically)

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