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Just updating everyone on my situation. I called Jeremy at Exmark and Jermy did come through. Jeremy shipped out two new trannies to my dealership and got two other parts my mower needed. For the first time in a while I had all three new 30 inch exmarks on my trailer. The new trannies are are nice. They pull the machine faster and pull up hills better. Time will tell if they last longer but so far I really like them. Exmark was good to me. I called them quite often and they did respond in a good way and did not make any excuses and they were honest with me. My third mower I need to get a new tranny on it, is not working right. After getting two new trannies on my two machines it just shows me how bad the old trannies are. We still love the cut and versitility of the mowers. They are very quick. If they can hold up and the tranny problem is fixed I would highly recommend them. I need to get a new tranny on my third machine and if they hold up I know people will be happy with the mowers like we are. I asked Jermy at Exmark to get me a third tranny to update my third machine. I will keep you updated on the machines and exmark's response. So far Exmark has been good.
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