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Trimmers - Stihl or Shindaiwa

Just trying to figure out what others are using and get some advice. Our one crew is doing around 80 properties per week (Just some perspective for how much they are being used). I have 4 Stihl Trimmers... 3 FS90's and 1 FS110. All were purchased brand new. The 110 has been in the shop at least 4-5 times in the past 2 years. And I usually end up putting at least 1 FS90 in the shop once every 2 months or so it seems like. They just start bogging down once you get past half throttle and aren't fully responsive. I've had the 110 out of the shop for 2 weeks and it seriously won't start up half the time. BTW - I USE ONLY NON-ETHANOL GAS (I know that Ethanol is terrible for these things)

So going forward I'm interested in trying out a Shindaiwa that would be equal to a FS90 or FS110 but I'm really not familiar with them at all. Are the Shindaiwa's more reliable than the Stihl? I couldn't imagine I'm running these trimmers too much compared to other companies. There's not a single trimmer that's over 2 years old...

Anybody have some advice?
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