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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
More misinformation. Normal urine color is pale yellow caused by a normal pigment called urochrome. Perfectly clear urine is a sign of over hydration which left unchecked can lead to hydro toxicity.
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Normal urine color is not what I am talking about.

Long distance runners. As in Cross Country do not have people handing out little cups of water during the race. They need to be fully hydrated. It take about 3 hours before a race to get fully hydrated. First 2 hours of drinking water. Drinking means sipping not chugging. Trying to get hydrated does not mean holding in your urine. Body wants to go you piss. Allows 1 hour before the race for the water to pass through the stomach so you do not have any sloshing around making you uncomfortable. As soon as the urine turns clear you know that you are fully hydrated and do not need to drink any more.

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