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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
They do make waterproof boots there man. I haven't had wet feet in years.

Meh. I only wear boots when I wear long pants.
Once it hits 70 degrees the shorts come out. I simply can't handle long pants.

Once the heavy spring growth is under control, trimming is less of a hazard to the legs and by then it's time for shorts, so it all works out. I carry a pair of lightweight, elastic waist "pants" that I bought in the section where the "sports" clothes are. If I need to do any extensive trimming, or where I know poison ivy is present, I slip them on over my shorts until finished with that section.

You guys would probably shake your heads if you saw me. I look nothing like a landscaper when I'm working. Aside from my Toro cap and ear plugs, I don't wear the typical long pants, boots, and sweat-soaked, cotton t-shirt of your typical "landscaper".

I found that those "breathable" poly running shirts are SO much more comfy than plain cotton tees. It's like wearing nothing and any sweat dries quickly - light colors barely show the sweat at all. I bought light/neon green for visibility/safety. (and because the sweat doesn't show like on the darker colors)

I wear black, poly "Duo Dry" moisture-wicking running shorts that are also super-light and dry quickly if they get wet.

Running shoes on the feets - whatever is on sale, fits well, and has aggressive tread - mostly New Balance.
I always carry 2 pair, plus extra socks "just in case".
The alternative is to wear work boots with shorts and I don't know if my wife could keep her hands off of me if I walked around in shorts with tan lines half way up my legs when I'm "off duty". LOL

The Oaknut in action... Lookit that - uphill and no sweat!

Ultimately, I cant stand being hot and I don't like looking like a slob, so this is my solution. The clothes cost a lot more and won't hold up to abuse (they snag easily), but 90% of what I do is trimming, and pushing a mower, so it works for me.
Even if I have to deal with wet feet once in a while.

I'd love to get some of these type shirts with my logo on them, but they are expensive enough "plain". I'll save the logo wear for cooler weather when I DO wear cotton tees.
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