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Originally Posted by btlg 440 View Post
Agree with Green Utah. Grass, when cut longer, will take a stripe better and will grow to be a uniform height. Longer is better except under snow cover. During the season, mowing higher prevents weeds and builds a healthier plant. Retains moisture better, too.

Some older folks insist on 'scraping' the turf- I usually let these accounts go to someone else. I don't want my reputation connected to that kind of work. These same old folks usually don't like to pay anyway!

On LawnSite because we are getting a BUNCh of rain here in OH right now. Maybe it will dry out soon!
My retiree accounts always pay but I do have a few, "mow-it-lower" retired accounts that I feel reflect poorly on my "healthy grass that is manicured, vibrant and healthy motto".

KBG mowed at 1.5"...? Because her little dogs belly will drag in the grass....?

Another one...."it grows too fast" and THEY don't like to see their foot prints in the lawn....

Part of me is seriously considering canning these 4 accounts. 3 of the 4 are snow customers.

These are ALL TimeMaster 30 lawns and bagged. Not a snowballs chance I'd mess with these with a 21" mower.
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