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Originally Posted by goinggreen123 View Post
I chose org cause ofcourse .com was already taken. I believe it also can be found at .biz after it was redesigned. The first one I had up was preety bad with no SEO. This one has SEO and has already been getting me work. I am very happy with the webpage but can see some of your guys point. Thanks for all the replies.
Based on this response, I'm questioning whether you actually wanted feedback beyond, "Looks great, man! Way to go.". If that's the case, that's fine. It happens on here way more than people would probably like to acknowledge or admit.

Against my better judgement, I'm going to point a couple of things out to you, as this should, hopefully, be a learning exercise for everyone here who wants to know more about building sites, or hiring them out.

I chose org cause ofcourse .com was already taken. I believe it also can be found at .biz after it was redesigned.
Based on your site using .biz, but you linked it to us here as .org, you really need to just pick one. You haven't properly configured your server to run two domain names and the search engines are not going to be a fan of that. Pick one and go with it. A .org for a business is a bit of a curveball to some. That same site redirecting me to a .biz address just seems a bit slimy. By "slimy", I mean it seems like something you'd see from sites that are not on the up and up. To be honest, I'm almost surprised it didn't throw a security warning. At it's most simple level, it's just going to be confusing if you don't. Even you said, "I believe it can also be found at .biz after it was redesigned.". You should know how to properly direct people to your site. As a heads up, the .biz is now the primary domain. The .org only exists in as much as it gets you to the site.

This one has SEO
No, it really doesn't. If your web guy is the one telling you this, I think it's fair to say that he's good at running a game on his clients. I guess, technically, there is SEO, it's just not in the realm of good or quality or even any attempt at effort. Maybe he means "it has an SEO plugin installed".

For example:
<title>Home | Greenview Landscape</title>
That, technically, is an attempt at SEO, it's just not very useful. All of your pages are similar.

<meta name="description" content=" ">
You don't have any. As such, this is the first result for you on Google:

Greenview Landscape | quality service at an affordble price‎
Adding Videos to the slider is dead easy! Suspendisse potenti. Sed vestibulum tristique augue ut tincidunt. Sed lacus lectus, egestas et facilisis sed, tristique id

H1 tags
You have none. There are uses of H2 and H3 tags, but they're things like, "Home", "Call us today", and "We're proud of our work".

I'm not finding one.

If you're wanting to have your site succeed for you, especially when trying to calculate an ROI using an amount of $1,800, I would highly recommend you have a serious, no BS conversation with your web guy.

Questions or clarifications, just yell.
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