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Originally Posted by sjessen View Post
My Timemaster has some belt slap when engaging the blades/heavy cutting. Anyone know how to to adjust the idler?
Remove front lower cowl cover. You will see the idler pulley. Find the cable. Adjust the cable sleeve similar to the drive adj cable. This should take out a bit of slop. If you tighten the cable too much the BBC brake shoe will not make contact with the spindle pulley to stop the blades when they are disengaged.

I have watched the pulley in action and its a pretty violent movement when blades are engaged. I have been able to reduce some slop but not eliminate the contact from the pulley on the cover cowling. It is a cowling size and fit issue more than a pulley problems. I really don't think it is worth the time and effort to adjust the cable. YMMV.

Other than it being annoying, I don't feel it is an issue for the long term health of the machine.

It does make me a bit miffed that they should have designed it a bit better to avoid this; especially on a new, expensive mower.

If it was me I would leave it.
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