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Hey guys,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma regarding what my next mower purchase should be. I currently own a 2009 BadBoy ZT60 that has worked great for the last 3 years. But at the end of last season it started not charging the battery. I replaced the regulator after testing the stator, checking the magnets on the flywheel etc, and it's still not charging. So right now it's in the shop (for the next 3-4 weeks) and I'm really considering just trading it in.

A little info on my yard, I have about 4.75 acres of uneven and hilly mountain grass that I mow once a week. I demo'd a Cub Cadet SZ 60 at the dealer my badboy is at getting fixed and I really liked it for the fact I would finally be able to mow my hills sideways instead of always up and down. They gave me a price of 9220 out the door with my badboy as a trade in (1000 bucks).

But I'm curious if I should pull the trigger or get another (better) brand of zero turn or go with a larger tractor with a loader attachment ( which I could really use also). So what do you guys think?
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