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Well my biggest account a condominium just called and asked me to cut it shorter because I cut the grass 3 times last month and they don't want it cut that much. I been cutting it at 2.75 and we have had 3" of rain in the last 2 weeks. I tried explaining to them that it is the same height I have been cutting it at for the last 2 years and we have had a very wet spring but they didn't wanna hear it and the best part is the last thing they said is they are gonna get some bids on the property.

almost half of my customers have called me this spring and told me to cut shorter because it is growing to fast and when I tell them we have not had a spring this wet in a few years and you keep dumping fert on your lawn it is gonna grow its like they don't understand that.

I have never had this many complaints in my 6 years of doing this even some customer I been mowing for 5 years weekly and the same height are calling wanting it cut shorter and less I guess people are starting to hurt for money with $4.00 gas.
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