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Regardless of what motivates manufacturers, every designer needs to make their own decisions about the best CCT for their projects.

There are top designers in both the 3,000K and 2,700K camps, but in my opinion - seeing many projects of both types, warmer lighting is nearly always more appropriate for residential projects.

I saw one persuasive test at a recent project. A warm LED was projected on the front of a tudor style home, and a cooler LED was projected on an adjacent wall on the side of the home. Both lights also illuminated plant material in garden beds.

Our group looked first at one wall then at the other and went back and forth allowing our eyes time to acclimate to both CCT's.

The warmer light source was prefered by everyone - mainly because it was perceived as warmer - more welcoming, and seemed to render colors more appropriate to the nighttime setting.

Interestingly, the cooler source could be said to render colors more accurately, but that was not judged to be appropriate for the mood of the illuminated scene.

I think there is a case to be made for larger mixed use properties - especially ones where safety and security are higher priorities to use cooler light sources, but if I'm relaxing on a backyard patio, I want lighting to be warm and fuzzy.
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