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Originally Posted by eatonpcat View Post
Why is it in the shop for 3 to 4 weeks??
They said it would be two weeks before they could even look at it, then add another for parts if it needs any. So I won't get it back for a month.

Originally Posted by Brules View Post
My issue is at the price range of the Cub Cadet your are looking at (roughly $10k), you are in high end commercial ZTR territory which opens up LOTS of doors for ZTR's that should be able to handle anything that cub cadet machine can.....

Off the top of my head:

Scag Turf Tiger
Ferris is2000 or is3000

I think I have read the Turf Tiger will run on hills up to 20-25 degrees? They have a nice and low center of gravity.

Both of the above are 10x the machine of the cub cadet and will last for 2-3000 hours of use.
The only reason I was looking at the cub was for the side hilling ability which no ztr is going to do on my property. I'm just not sure if having the ability to side hill is worth getting what many seem to think is a lesser quality machine.
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