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Originally Posted by macgyver_GA View Post
Last week was crazy for sure.

My landscaping business isn't full time. I have a full time corporate job I work M-F 8-5. I'm only part time for landscaping. I have 16 mowing clients and 19 turf care clients. Most do both. All very small lots 2500-4500 sq ft. Of turf. I usually do my mowing 3-4 evenings during the week after work. That way I can leave Saturdays for rain checks (did this weekend). Starting on two more mowing & turf care clients this month. Ugh... I have aerating to do on customer yards this Saturday. Gonna be another busy week.

I mow mine right around dusk after I'm done with customer lawns. My lawn isn't that big either. Only about 2k sq ft of turf. Takes me 15-20 minutes to mow double cutting it. Edge and trim once a week.
Were not much different. I work a full time job 0530-1600 M-T OT Fridays and saturday if it's available. I work in 7 Accounts during that with all the random 1 timers that call me here and there. I have a larger lawn though about 10k of grass. This is my first year doing this and I am looking to expand by maybe 3-4 more accounts. I am still making some rookie mistake costing myself money and time, but I am getting better every week.
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