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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Check these factoids out:

"Don't raise the mowing height during drought"

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Since ole Zac didn't include shading of the root system to prolong holding moisture or protecting it from wind/foot traffic AND has recommendations for as low as 1" cut heights on vertical growing turf during heat, I'd say at that writing he either;

A) Had zero field experience and is just a fresh graduate dribbling out something he read elsewhere


B) He doesn't do this anymore

During the cool seasons your cut height is not your continuing height. The grass will grow faster between mows and thus be longer. The roots follow that, not your cut height, which is only temporary.

I agree to get it up earlier and keep it high later, but snow mold and rodent damages are real things for turf left long under snow for extended periods. I generally go by hard frost on each end for my timeframe to go up or down and that's worked well for us.
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