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I have been searching for the magic fertilizer that provides great green up, long lasting N (10+ weeks) and somewhat affordable. I also like a nice spreading fert. Last year I went with Lebanon 25-0-5 50% MESA, 1%FE but since last year was so dry I never did really get to see the results and it was pricey. I do know that it came out of my z spray great with very little dust. This year, in an effort to give business to my favorite salesman, I had a product blended for me that is very similar to the Lebanon product but instead of MESA is has Ureaform which my salesman claims is supposed to be like MESA. The new product was made by E.C. Grow The analysis of the Lebanon product and the E.C. Grow product is almost identical so I did a test on my personal lawn. My test has not concluded yet, but so far I can't tell a difference between the two. I do know that the E.C. Grow product is by far the dustiest fert I have ever spread. I think it's the Ureaform causing the dust problems ans its not a dry dust...It is a very sticky dust that cakes to everything. I will not be using this E.C. Grow product again just because of the dust.
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