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Originally Posted by keith.heckman View Post
I had the Timemaster 30 for 1 year and 1 day. Had to get rid of it because it didn't have the power to cut my Zoysia. I could only cut it over 2.5", but couldn't get it down to 1.75 or 2" where it needed to be. I was interested to know if the commercial Kawasaki 180 would be any better. One of the local dealers told me that it was still only a 6.5 hp motor and probably wont do any better than the timemaster. I ended up buying a Toro Commercial 36" WB. Unfortunately that was a jump from $1,000.00 to $4150.00. OUCHHHHHHHHHH! But at least it works and cuts like a charm......
My sentiments exactly. My Timewaster has no power. The Kawasaki engine is for longevity/durability only. It actually makes less power than the B&S. You can look at the power curves from each manufacturer and verify for yourself by visiting their websites. I am a homeowner and can't ditch my Timewaster fast enough.

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