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Originally Posted by Apples View Post
Mary lyn, Have you had any luck contacting the regional rep, about getting a diesel demo?

Thanks for your message. I did some checking and found out that the District Manager from your area is still on vacation, so the dealer has not been able to visit about bringing in a 72" diesel to demo. This model makes up less than 1% of our sales, so the dealer is hesitant to bring one in without knowing that you want this model, and I can understand his point. I can also understand that you won't know if you want this model until you try it, so we are checking to see if there is another dealer in the area who has one to try.

We did find a 60" diesel and a 72" gas unit that would be available for a demo, so I don't know if you would be interested in trying one of these.

Are you planning to bag your grass? If so, we currently do not have a bagger for our 72" deck. Something to think about as well.

Let me know if you are interested in a demo of either of those models listed above, and we will make it happen. When Ray gets back, we will know more about the 72" diesel.

Thanks Michael, and we'll be in touch.

Mary Lyn
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