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Exmark 60" Lazer X-Series w/a FX801V

I just bought a Exmark, after looking at a lot of different mowers. Scag, Husqvarna, Bad Boy, Hustler and so on. The folks I bought it from said that the Kawasaki had 29hp. state that the mower has 25.5hp/44.6 torque. I called Exmark and they said that they no longer give hp ratings but said that this motor "acts" like a 29hp. Well....hmmmm. I was reasured buy the shop (by the way, this shop, the employes and owners are friends), that this set up will do what I want. What I need is a mower that won't bog down in wet grass, high grass, and so forth. I don't pick it up until tomorrow and was wondering what you guys (or gals) thought. Any help would help.
Thanks, Kid
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