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Why Franchises are Dangerous

I would run not walk , franchises are scary , they claim to have your best interest . But there model is built so that they make money no matter what . This defies basic laws of business , Businesses fail, but Franchisors dont fail there franchisees do, the franchisors never loose money, only the franchisees do.
Weedman is very manipulative they act bigger then they are in the landscape management top 100 . They are from Canada at least 95 % is .
The problem is the royalties in most franchises cant exceed 4 to 5 % for one to survive but weedman will take 10 to15 % ,That is insane 60 minutes did a series on it one time with royalties that high its a good shot at failure . i dont recomend franchises because you really get ideas and some tools but thats it , Hire a consultant its cheaper .
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