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Disc is still giving me issues. The past three months have been pretty steady. I am working a bit smarter, careful to not do stupid things with full green buckets and wheelbarrows, not foolishly yanking on stuff that's rooted into the ground!

Every day is the same- sciatica at night, sleeping ok, pain when I wake up, eat something in the truck on the way in and pop an 800mg ibuprofen. 20 minutes later, I am good for the entire day. The Ibuprofen knocks out almost all the inflammation during the day.

I can guess I am probably not healing, but I am no where NEAR how I lived in January and February. That was the worst time of my life. Still need to work on better posture. And my wife and I have an appt. with my physical therapist/back specialist guy next week to discuss mattress options and get HER back checked out, lol!

So, it's an ongoing thing unfortunately. Just glad I am able to work.....for now. Have this terrible feeling my days are numbered in the future.
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