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Well, its been a while since ive posted an update on my opinions of the exmark 30, so thought id get back on here and add a few lines.
First off, its a great trim mower, but a bit heavy to move around tight spots on uneven ground.
Second, it has increased my productivity on some of the yards where nothing else (besides a 21 inch) would fit through the gates.

Recently, with the heavy spring growth, I had a few customers request bagging....uggg. Well, not sure why its doing it, but its not picking up all the clippings and leaving a streak of grass down the right hand side on every pass. Now, this may not be the fault of the mower. I definitely need to get new blades, and that might help. I did notice some buildup underneath the mower, so I got most of it out, but still need to rinse off the rest tomorrow. I will also rinse out the bag, to open the pores of the bag back up (lots of dust here).

I also noticed that its not always starting right up either. It took a bit of starter fluid to get it going today. So I checked the air filter, and will probably replace it to see if that helps.

Lastly, I broke my drive cable yesterday, so that will need to be repaired. Not sure how it happened? I discovered it when I pulled up to a job site to start mowing, so no idea what happened there??

It stripes ok, but does NOT leave the nice lines of a walk behind, ztr or stander. IM hoping the new blades will help. I have also noticed that its not cutting as cleaning lately, and leaving tall weeds uncut when the going gets thick.

Not trying to bash this mower, just wanting to provide an update of how its going for me so far. Sorry, no pics, I just haven't had (or made) time to take them.

That's it for now....
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